Content Notice

For starters, this is a quick FYI that Terraform has some nudity and strong language that is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and may not gel with your current age / culture / religion / etc. Got it? Great! Nothing in this comic is meant to intentionally offend, upset, or otherwise hurt people, but if you see a nipple, a swear word, or adult situations like someone paying their bills, don’t say I didn’t warn you. To be crystal clear, nothing in this comic is pornographic, and anything adult is meant to be lighthearted, not mean-spirited or offensive. Late 80s / early 90s manga and anime had quite a bit of influence on me growing up, and that inspiration takes form in certain pages of Terraform, where nudity is a thing that just happens and is nothing to be ashamed of.

A Bit about Terraform

Terraform is, as I’ve affectionately come to call it, a comic about Life, Love, the Universe, Friendship, and Pancakes. The original tagline was “everything changes,” which should give you an idea of what you’re in for. A personal project that’s been in development for several years (it started when I was a lot closer to the age of certain characters), it ultimately saw a sort of soft reboot after the first four chapters were done. That soft reboot is the comic you see now. Though it’s gone through a lot of changes, at it’s core Terraform remains a comic about four friends going through some serious, sudden changes, and their misadventures in understanding themselves, the world around them, and what it means to be anything but human.

When will there be new pages?

New pages are currently planned for the first and third Saturday of every month, but it depends heavily on my own ability to get those pages ready in time. I hope to make updates more regular in the future, but I do this entirely in my free time – so finding the right balance is tantamount to making sure I can keep the comic going.

Is this for sale in print? Can I buy things I don’t need but do want featuring the characters?

As a comic, I currently plan on Terraform being available online for free as long as I can keep it that way. Webhosting costs money, and I take a certain pride in maintaining my own space for my art that isn’t tied to another online platform and the complications those platforms often bring. I’d love to have printed volumes someday, though that’s still quite a ways off. The “Shop” link at the top of the page, properly clicked, will take you to, wait for it, my online shop for prints, stickers, and other items.

The site looks weird / I’m not seeing images.

I’m in the process of switching most images on the site over to WebP format, which most (but not all) browsers support. If you’re not able to see the images, try Chrome, or an alternative like “De-Googled” Chromium. Unfortunately I have next to no web development experience, so most of this is cobbled together with WordPress and add-ons. I typically use Firefox, but every browser is different and has its own quirks. If something is completely broken – or if you have a good idea for how to improve things – you can email me at admin (at) retroheart (dot) net.