Millenia Elena Francesca

Age: 23
5′ 4″
Weight: “Don’t know. Don’t care. You shouldn’t either.”
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Likes: Adventures, monsters, comics with cool heroines
Dislikes: Boredom, lectures
Occupation: Student, part-time waitress

Always looking for the next adventure, Millenia won’t let the universe have its way over her willpower. Despite being something of a prodigy in magickal arts, Millenia doesn’t like to put her skills on display… but she’s also earned a reputation as a trickster due to the strange, inexplicable things that often happen around her. While recent events threatened to flip her life upside-down, she seems to be dealing with it remarkably well.

While Millenia has matured a bit from her childhood fascination with other dimensions and creatures beyond the veil of reality, even as an adult she likes to daydream about what else could be out there.