Millenia Elena Francesca

Age: 23
5′ 4″
Weight: “Don’t know. Don’t care. You shouldn’t either.”
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Likes: Adventure stories, monsters (especially humans), comics with cool female / feminine leads
Dislikes: Boredom, being talked down to, neckties
Occupation: Student, part-time waitress

An adventurous mischief maker who dreams of a world beyond.

Confident, strong-willed, and with a bit of a short fuse, Millenia always strives to get exactly what she wants out of life, and sometimes finds herself in deep trouble for her efforts. Highly skilled in magickal arts, she rarely puts her skills on display (nor does she “apply herself,” as numerous frustrated instructors have insisted she do). Instead, she finds inventive ways to use her skills that are far outside the norm, usually causing headaches for others in the process. Outgoing if not slightly immature by nature, Millenia spends much of her time daydreaming about heroes, monsters, and the world far beyond the one she lives in, scratching at the edges of reality and her own imagination at a world just beyond.

Equal parts helpful and mischievous, Millenia is driven by and a deep sense of determination and seeing how she can bend the world around her. When strange occurrances she could previous only dream of start to happen around her, though, how will she handle getting what she wanted all along?