Nova “Atsuko” Francesca

Age: ??? (Appears to be early 20's)
 6' 5″
Weight: Unknown (Never sits still enough to be weighed)
Hair: White
Eyes: Bright Blue
Likes: Steak, bacon, walkies, running, sleeping
Dislikes: Motorcycles, being alone
Occupation: None

A curious, dog-like woman with boundless energy and cheer.

Always cheerful and energetic, Nova's big, fluffy ears and big, fluffy tail are only matched by her big, fluffy heart. Her charming personality also make her easy to get along with. Despite throwing Amanda and Hero's lives into total disarray with her sudden appearance, they can't help but welcome her – and the delicious pancakes she makes for breakfast – with open arms. In a twist of fate, it seems she shares the same name as Millenia's lost puppy.

Inquisitive by nature, Nova refers to herself in the third person, and often comes up with simplified names for other people she meets. Constantly eager to learn more about the world around her, Nova picks up on new skills lightning fast. She may not seem that complex at first glance, but there's a spark of something more in her big, blue eyes.