Phase 01: Life, Love, and Pancakes

Two friends, Amanda and Hero, have lived most of their lives in the quiet town of Birchfield, California. A college city that once started out as a small port town, classes for the day are just getting started at Birchfield University – but fate (and Hero’s wisecracking attitude) conspires to send them both home early. What’s waiting for them at home, however, is about to turn their lives upside-down.

The ordinary days turn extraordinary when a mysterious woman with dog-like features suddenly appears in Amanda and Hero’s apartment! Referring to herself as Nova, she seems friendly enough, but it raises a lot of questions about where she came from – and what the two friends should do about their new “roommate.”

While Nova has seamlessly integrated herself into the lives of Amanda and Hero, the trio of them are faced with a new problem: Nova can’t be left alone at home, so how do they sneak a dog into school? Meanwhile, Millenia is just getting over a night of unrest, but she’s in for a rude awakening as a result.

Phase 02: The Way We’re Not

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